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1) Thinking to Advertise your products?
Unfortunately,no one is going to know about your Product unless you advertise. if Advertising is done correctly,you can do wonders for your product sales,it means more revenue and more avareness about your Products and business to success.

2) Thinking to Advertise your Services?
Unfortunately,no one is going to know about your Services unless you advertise. if Advertising is done correctly,you can do wonders for your Services sales,it means more revenue and more avareness about your Services and business to success.

3) Continuous Advertising?
The main aim of VideoAdsIndia.Com is to provide continuous advertising for your Pruducts and Services. VideoAdsIndia.Com will be accessed 24 hours per day at any time of day from any where in the world. An dvertiser can place his ad and sleep with out worry about due dates for future ads, which is not the case with other medias like electronic and print.

4) What is Video Ads?
VideoAdsIndia.Com is an exclusive online Video Advertising Portal to promote your Products & Services in India and other cities like Mumbai,Delhi,Chennai,Kolkata,Bangalore,Hyderabad,Ahmedabad,Pune in their regional languages.Online Video Advertising can help you to promote your business with very reasonable Prices than any other Media like Print (News Paper) and TV.

5) How Video Ads can help to our Business?
We all know the power of visual communication system in today’s Business Scenario. Videos are as effective as TV in building awareness of your business.

6) How it is helpful tell the example?
To get results and increase your Business, for example if a Builder (or) Construction Company, Constructed an Apartment in Hyderabad and they want to advertise in their regional languages, they have to shoot the Apartment video with front elevation of the Apartment, car parking area, flat entrance, hall, master bed room, other bed rooms, kitchen, bathrooms and all other emanates in the flat and promote it as a TV-Style Ad in Hyderabad based VideoAdsHyderabad.Com at very low cost. If people search in Google search engine for " 2 bhk apartments in hyderabad " from anywhere in the world, you will find our site in PC’s, tablets and Smart Phones.

7) What is the difference between TV Ads and Video Ads?
The major advantage with online video ads when you compare with the TV ad is that TV ad will be shown at a particular date and time, people should watch whenever they broadcast, but whereas the online video ads can be played wherever and whenever the buyer or exact customer can search and view the ad at any date and anytime from anywhere in the world in the PC’s, Tablets and Smart Phones.

8) What are the advantages over Newspaper Ads ?
News Paper Ad not as effective as Videos, because Videos can visualise your Products & Services more effectively anywhere in India and abroad. Whereas the Newspaper Ads are one way Communication System where as the Video Ads are two way instant Communication System.

9) What are your Strengths over others?
Our Site appears on first page in the Google Search engine for several major search key words for example: maggi healthy soup kolkata, dove body lotion delhi, head & shoulders lemon fresh kolkata ,nescafe sunrise bangalore,ponds white beauty face wash kolkata,garnier men power light bangalore,shell helix super cars kolkata,yardley face wash bangalore,crocin mumbai,Amrutanjan pain killer kolkata,Dulux Weathershield delhi,Santoor beauty Soap chennai,johnsons baby lotion pune,Textile Shopping in Hyderabad,Mango Slice bangalore and soon.

10) What is the Cost of Video Ad ?
You pay very less to grow your business, we are here to help you to produce your video and Advertise in VideoAdsIndia.Com .We see that our Advertisers are happy with our services, by promoting our site in online and offline to increase the viewership.

11) How many Ads we can place?
One user can place up to 5 Video Ads

12) What is the maximum size of each Video?
You can upload maximum 20 mb size for each video.

13) Who will produce the Video?
Our professionals will produce the Video

14) Who will manage our Ads?
You can manage your Ads with the help of user name and password (or) if you want we will manage your Ads.

15) How much time does it take to place the Ad?
If you have the Video it will take you hardly 5 minutes time to Place your Ad in our Site.

16) What is the price Tariff to place the video in VideoAdsIndia.com?

It will be economical and very reasonable than any other media in India. Please Call us (or) e-mail us.
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